Want help? We'll help your small business make a big difference with Expert Web Design, SEO ,Mobile Applications ,Social Media Campaigns ,DEVELOPMENT


Web Design

SEO and digital marketing focus on designing your site to be the best website we design your site and increase the speed of your site and make the site compatible with everything

Website development

We develop and update your website and make it compatible with mobile phones, develop the design and make your site coordinated, attractive and fast

Desktop Software Development

We can create and develop any program you want for your brand. Create an accounting program or management program. The solution is bconnect-eg

Mobile Applications

The whole world is now dependent on the mobile phone, and no one can dispense with the phone, whether you use applications or games, you can create your application with ease through us.

Website security

We can check your website, delete viruses from your site, review codes, organize everything as it was and protect your site from attacks. We have people who specialize in protecting sites


Do you want to create your own site on the WordPress platform? Did you choose the domain? Do you want to launch your website with an easy-to-access control panel? The solution is through bconnect-eg


Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever thought about increasing your site’s visibility in the search engines and reaping a lot of profits? The solution is through us, you can do that

SEO Audit Services

We check your site and broken links and check the speed of pages and fix that. Examine the entire sites from duplicate content and also from corrupt pages and server errors. Make your site compatible with the phone.

SEO for Local Business

Do you own a brand and have a website and want to improve your site in the local search engine do not worry we can improve the results of a site quickly in the local search engine for your country

SEO Penalty Removal

Do you want to remove the penalty for your website from a search engine like Google if the answer is yes then you are in the right place and we can remove the penalty for your website from any search engine


Marketing & advertising

Create your own marketing ad through bconnect-eg, we design your marketing ad with accuracy and high quality and communicate the idea of ​​the advertisement to the viewer with ease.

Visual identity

A visual identity is an important thing for companies. We design the company logo and profile. The visual identity helps you to make your trademark attractive and beautifully coordinated.

Logo Design

Do you want to create a logo for your brand if you want that then you are now in the right place we are designing your company logo or logo for anything you want accurately and quality in a wonderful way




Social Media Campaigns


Web design


Mobile applications

Some of our work

Some of our works are web design and mobile applications

About Us

The company bconnect-eg is a company specialized in digital marketing. We help the brands in the advancement and make them progress in its work. The goal of our company is always the customer. We do our best to satisfy the customer and make his trademark strong among competitors when the company was established. His start and being on the side to be at the forefront and defeated all competitors

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